The significance of our land:

Italy and Apulia ...

… it represents our roots and inspiration: a land rich of climatic contrasts, colors, scents, and variety of products.
Our territory is our first great resource in the canned food market.

A land beaten by the sun, the wind and the sea. A landscape that alternates the exterminated plain of the Apulian Tavoliere to the karst landscape of the Murge and where the centuries-old olive trees extend to a loss of sight.

From these lands are growing out the variety of our vegetables and the typical recipes always fresh, respecting the season’s times: tomatoes, artichoke, peanuts, cardoncelli mushrooms, zucchini, lampashioni, peperoni, potted the flavors of our land of Puglia and Italy, tastes unmatched and unmistakable all over the world.